Thursday, 31 May 2012

Too good to be true...

While flicking through the latest tweets on twitter today, I saw that the glamour magazine was released today. I buy Glamour every month as I love the fashion and make-up ideas and find the articles interesting. THEN, to add to my excitement, I saw that they were giving away benefit make-up with each one!! The three to choose from were BADgal lash mascara, That gal primer and the Porefessional pore minimiser. I ended up getting the mascara (worth £10) as I am not too keen on primer and thought I would get more use out of the mascara than the pore minimiser.

So far so good!! I think that the brush is a really good shape and size to cover all the lashes and my eyes feel really wide with long lashes after application. I also find that the consistency of the mascara works really well to hold the lashes in place, without crumbling off. 

I am now VERY tempted to run out first thing in the morning and get the other two (if they're still there!!). I have only ever used a benefit cheek and lip tint before this, but I will definitely be returning to them for more make-up products in the future.

Thanks for reading 

Niki xx


  1. I got the porefector primer for when I go away next week, may also run back for the othe two! In two minds about their real tho as didn't like badgal but everyone ellse loved it!

    1. Aww well I hope the primer works well for you!!


  2. i want to get the primers :) great post! x

  3. Hi good post :) I haven't had the chance to get anywhere to buy a copy, i've been so busy with work and writing etc and I'm gutted.

    Tanesha x