Tuesday 6 December 2016

My top five favourite christmas films

As soon as November starts, I can be found re-watching all the classic Christmas films. I think I've seen the majority now and consider myself some sort of an expert. There's nothing I love more than a winter night with a hot chocolate, a blanket and something festive on the telly. For Christmas, I find it's the cheesier the better, and most of these remind me so much of my childhood. So here is a countdown in reverse order of my top five favourite Christmas films...

What is your favourite Christmas film??

Sunday 4 December 2016

Our Christmas bucket list 2016

See the local pantomime (this year it's jack and the beanstalk)
Christmas eve boxes
A north pole breakfast
Christmas film day in our pyjamas
Go to at least one Christmas market in a city
Go to the local light switch on
Go and visit santa in his grotto
Sprinkle reindeer food on Christmas eve
Have a party/get together at our house this year
Make a hot chocolate station
Spend lots of time with family and friends
Wear Christmas jumpers
Get matching onesies for me and the two boys

What's on your bucket list for the Christmas period?

Saturday 3 December 2016

My christmas wishlist

As an adult who saves for and buys everything I want when I want it, it's hard to come up with suggestions when family ask "What do you want for Christmas?", but for a change I've been able to come up with a few ideas.

This book really excites me. I've got into writing a lot lately and have started a bullet journal (a post coming up on that soon) so the idea of a five year diary to document my thoughts/feelings/experiences each day is exciting.

This tower 8 in 1 gadget allows you to slow cook, fry, boil, steam, roast, grill, braise and saute. Cooking a meal for people used to be my idea of hell, but as I'm getting older I am enjoying it more and more and this multi cooker looks brilliant for all my cooking needs.

Like I said earlier, I have got back into writing lately. I am firing up my blog again, as well as trying a few little private projects. 642 things to write about looks like a brilliant way for me to gain inspiration and use my creative mind more.

Listography is the final book on my wish list. I write lists about everything. To do lists, shopping lists, inventory lists, goal lists etc.

This lipsy bag looks like the perfect everyday bag to carry around all my essentials. I love the classic, elegant look of it.

I love these ASOS Chelsea boots, theyre perfect to wear with every outfit. The colour looks like a mixture of burgundy/brown and I love how different they are.

Let me know what you're lusting after this Christmas, hopefully I can get some inspiration!

Monday 1 December 2014


To introduce me back into the world of blogging, I've decided to join in with Blogmas: a blog every day leading up to Christmas. 

Today was spent food shopping, looking after a poorly baby, opening advent calendars and relaxing. I've been trying to buy a few things at a time towards the Christmas shop and stocking up on essentials. I've already found myself with a cupboard full of sweets and goodies in time for the festive season. The plan is to spend Christmas Day at my parents, but we hope to have a party at our house one day too with means lots of food and alcohol. Most of the children's Christmas present are bought now, so everything is slowly coming together. 

Alexander has seemed poorly for the last few days. It's hard to tell what's wrong with a baby but I have a feeling it's his ears/head, so I'm going to take him to the doctors tomorrow. 

This year me and Martin decided to join the kids and get an advent Callander!! 

Alexander loves peppa pig and will often pick up the remote shouting Peppa as a subtle hint for you to change the channel. Jakstan (my partners child who lives with us) is another 6 year old frozen addict. For me and Martin? Just a dairy milk Callander... The best chocolate around! 

I hope you've enjoyed the first day of the Christmas month! We can now officially be excited for christmas and start counting down the days! 

Come back tomorrow for more and let me know in the comments what content you'd like to see in the month of Blogmas xx