Thursday, 14 June 2012

Drugstore concealer sticks- Best and worst!!

Today I thought I would compare the four concealer sticks I currently have in my collection. I don't know about you guys, but I love concealer, and it's one of my must have items, so I thought I'd share my experiences with you. All four of these are really affordable, ranging from £1 to £2.50.

Left to right: W7, Rimmel, 2true, MUA

MUA hide and conceal cover up stick in light-  £1.00

I LOVELOVELOVE this, I can't believe a  £1 concealer is covering up all my blemishes and circles with no problem. It is quite a heavy, drying concealer, but try putting it on after your moisturiser has soaked in, and you'll see it really does it's job. The Superdrug closest to me seems to be sold out of this 90% of the time, so when they next stock up, I'll definitely be stocking up on it too.

2True cover 'n' conceal stick shade 1-  £1.99

If you have dry, sensitive skin like me, do not buy this concealer!! As you can see from the picture at the top, it's a really 'fake', unnatural colour which doesn't compliment my skin tone, nor does it hide anything. In fact, I think it highlights the fact that you have bags and blemishes, rather than disguise them. I wouldn't ever buy this again (I only kept it to do this post, it's now going into the bin). 

Rimmel clear complexion coverstick-  £2.50

First of all, this is the only one of the four with an ingredients list, which also claims to be dermatologically tested (good for my sensitive skin) which I like. This concealer is good at hiding dark circles, although you may find you need to reapply it several times throughout the day. It also feels really moisturising when applied, and doesn't flake off or go into the creases like most. I would buy this again, for the price it is really good. 

W7 hide it! concealer in light/medium-  £1.69

I've saved the best for last! I bought this the other day when I took my Grandma shopping to Boundary Mill, and I'm so glad I did. I simply bought it because it was on offer, and because I needed some concealer quick for the night out I had planned that night. This concealer is a really creamy, moisturising consistency. If you look at it against the others on the top picture (the left hand side), you'll see that it has a pinky, skin coloured finish to it, as oppose to the unnatural look of the 2true one. This covers EVERYTHING! I'll be buying this again and again and again without a doubt. 

Niki xx


  1. ill be getting me some of that W7 cover up!thx!

    1. I can't believe how much coverage it gives, for less than 2 pounds.
      Hope it works well for you too xx

  2. Great post :) I used to work at a Boundary Mill, wonder if we live near one another haha!

    1. Ooo maybe...
      It's a small world isn't it!

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