Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mess head hair therapy heat protection spray

While looking around the local pound stretcher store a few weeks ago, I decided to buy this heat protection spray, as my last bottle was on it's last drops and I wanted to try a new brand.

This is the mess head hair therapy heat protection spray. First of all, I really like the packaging, I love the colour and the design of the bottle, and the nozzle is really easy for spraying the product into your hair. I also love the smell of the spray, it smells really fresh, but isn't too overpowering to spray into your hair. 

Does the product actually work? After washing my hair, I towel dried it and then sprayed this in from the roots to the tips. I then combed the product through and finished drying my hair with the hair dryer. After this, I straightened my hair (basically I burnt my hair with everything available to see if it worked). Usually after straightening my hair, its really dry and static, but this time it was really smooth, soft and shiny with no knots. I am definitely loving this product and, although I am not sure whether it actually protected it, I am pretty sure it did it's job by the way my hair looked and felt afterwards. 

This spray was only one pound and I will be buying it again as it is a cheap alternative to the more popular products, as it seems to do exactly the same job. 

Have you tried this heat protection spray before? Or have you tried anything else from this brand? 

Niki xx


  1. Wow that sounds awesome! I always use heat protector sprays but I always find it hard to tell if the are working! For one pound thats an absolute bargain!!

    1. Yeah it is!! I'll be buying it again!

      Niki xx

  2. Always great to find a cheaper brand that does the same job. Why spend any more? Excellent. X

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