Friday, 10 August 2012

Revlon balm stains

Hi everyone. Firstly, I am so sorry that I have not done a blog post for so long, I guess things were just too hectic. However, I am back and ready to post and post and post some more!!

Last week I won a blog giveaway!! In this giveaway I won two Revlon just bitten kissable balm stains. I had been wanting to try this product for a while, so I was so excited that I won two that I could try for free. I received the shades honey and darling. 

Darling (top)
Honey (bottom)

I loved the shade honey. I've already read so many reviews about this colour, and I can see why it is such a big hit. It's a nude/pinky colour that can be worn everyday. 

This is the shade darling. When I first saw the packaging I was slightly worried as it looked REALLY purple. However, on the lips its a nice purple/pink colour and it is very wearable for day or night time. 

These balm stains apply really creamy and moisturising, so on first applying them I was concerned that they would in fact be a lipstick and not dry into a lip stain. After a minute or so, the product dries, staining the lips. I have worn both of these shades throughout the day whilst eating and drinking and am pleased to say the colour stays. This is the first lip stain I have used that felt moisturising instead of watery and drying for the lips. 

I am in love with these and I am looking to purchase the Rendezvous shade soon. 

Have you tried these balm stains? How are you liking yours? 

Niki xx

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  1. This still aren't out in the city I live in, in Canada, :(

    1. Oh no really? :( Hope you manage to get some soon! I love them xx

  2. I've got Rendezvous and I absolutely love it, it's a really wearable shade, which many oranges aren't. I think you'll really like it :)
    Mel x

  3. I definitely want to try these Balm Stains - from your pictures the Honey shade in particular looks very pretty!


    1. Yeah that's the more wearable, everyday one of the two although I love them both xx

  4. i tagged you in a post my love
    come to my blog to cleck it out

  5. Ooh you lucky thing! These look fab, I've been meaning to having a cheeky purchase of the orange 'Rendevous' shade :)

    Lucy x

    1. Yeah I love the look of that one. That's next on my list too xx

  6. It took me ages to get my hands on Honey. It now is my favourite thing ever :)