Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My current skincare routine

Hello everyone. Today I am back to my regular posts and to start with I am going to show you what I am currently using to take my make up off and wash my face.

This is the No7 soft and soothed gentle cleanser and toner. I love both of these products as they are really light on my face and don't leave my skin feeling greasy. My skin is quite sensitive and I tend to get red blotches when using certain products but these two do not create problems in either of these areas and leave my face feeling really clean.

The Boots essentials cucumber eye make-up remover gel is the first product I use in my cleansing routine and I find this product makes it really easy to remove my mascara. The product is for all skin types (I would usually go for something for sensitive skin) and I have loved it. I think the Boots cucumber range are still on offer (3 for 2) and I definitely recommend you try them.

The facial wash is again from this range. It does not contain any harsh ingredients which means it can be used everyday. I tend to use this every other day. I would not use this to remove make-up, but find it is a great product to use after the cleansing routine to get any last bits off and make you feel more refreshed and cleansed. 

The final part of my current routine is the Boots essentials moisturising cream. I apply this last thing at night and first thing in the morning and am so far really enjoying it. I find that the cucumber makes it really cooling and refreshing for my face and I love the scent of it.

What are you currently using? Can you recommend any products I should try?


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