Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Blogging secret santa

The only secret santa I have even taken part in has been within mine or my partners family, so I've never received a gift off someone who didn't know me. So when I was contacted by Charlotte and Jess who asked if I would like to join in I jumped at the chance. 

My first secret santa gift I received was from Lucy and here's what was inside...

Thank you so much for all my things Lucy! I love every single item you included!! 

A few days later another parcel arrived and, as I hadn't ordered anything recently, I didn't have a clue what it could be. After opening it and discovering it was another secret santa present, I emailed the girls to ask what had happened. They then told me that they had made a mistake, meaning that my address had been given to two separate people. So I was incredibly lucky and received two secret santas!!

My second present was from Charlie and here's what was inside this one...

Thank you Charlie, I love everything so much. I've never owned a yankee candle before so I'm so excited! 

I hope both girls had a lovely Christmas and have a very happy new year! I'll definitely be doing this again next year as I loved it!!

Thanks for reading xx

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