Thursday, 2 January 2014

14 things for 2014

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a fantastic new year. I aim to make this the year when big changes happen, from finances and home life to more education and a career. Having said that, my first step on the path of improvement is the '14 things for 2014' post which was created by Pixee. I know that there will be a lot of people who say that if you want to improve something in your life, you should do so regardless of the day. However, having had a terrible end to 2013, the start of 2014 has coincided with me wanting to change everything. All fourteen things I have chosen for this post are blog related. I have a separate list of things I want to achieve this year that I may post on a different day. For now, take a look at the ways I'd like to improve my blogging this year. 

1. Do 5 guest posts- If I want to get my blog out there this year, I need to post on other people blogs. That way, not only could I gain a new blogging friend, I could get a fresh perspective of blogging and learn new things from another blog. 

2. Join #bbloggers chats- According to the research I've just quickly done, these take place on Wednesday and Sunday at 8pm. For some reason, I miss these chats every week. I am going to make a lot more effort this year to get to know the blogging community a bit better and get chatting to new people.

3. Improve my photos- I never edit photos, nor do I particularly focus on lighting. Which is why they're so awful. I am always rushing whilst Alexander has a nap to take some quick shots to upload later that night. This year I am going to put more effort into the quality of my photos. 

4. Have 5 guest posts on my blog- To reverse my first resolution, I'd like to give some bloggers a new audience, as well as gaining some fresh content on my page. 

5. Use facebook more- I created a facebook page for my blog here about a year ago and, whenever advertising posts, I always forget about that little space. I will now upload a lot more to that page and focus on making it more informative and enjoyable for followers.

6. Start using instagram- You've met her! That one person who's never instagrammed in their life. It may be because I don't have an iphone, or it may just be laziness. Either way, I am going to start using it!

7. Do more mummy posts- Since having Alexander nine months ago, I have uploaded the odd post here and there but I'd like to connect with more mothers who blog and wriggle my way into that community too.

8. Do more reviews- I'm one of those people who upload haul after haul, but never go back to the products and review them on a later date. I'd like to upload a lot more make up and skincare reviews from now on.

9. Start a youtube channel- This is something that has burnt inside me for years, but I have never had the confidence to do it. After recent events, I've decided that life is too short to care what people say or do. This year I want to make myself more happy and content and I know this would bring me a lot of happiness.

10. Do an outfit of the day- Although I've been blogging for two years, I have never posted an OOTD. This is purely due to shyness and lack of confidence in myself. However, I feel that my readers may want to see the clothes I haul actually worn.

11. Appear more on my blog- I never really take photos of myself or appear much on my blog, which is something I'd like to change.

12. Post every other day- This will be quite a challenge for me, as having a nine month old child is quite hectic. I'd like to let my viewers know when to expect content as it's been a bit all over the place in the last 12 months. 

13. Create a blog button- This year for me is definitely about networking and making new friends. I'd love to make a button for my page and do lots of button swaps with all your lovely bloggers (I just need to learn how to first).

14. Have a blog redesign- I'd like to think I'll read up and do this myself, but in reality I may have to invite someone to do this for me. Either way, I'd love to have a completely new design that I could be proud of showing people. 

That's it. My 14 blog related goals for 2014. I aim to come back to this post once a month and see how I am getting on. If you're interested in doing a guest post, me doing a guest post for you, if you have any blog button advice or a blog designer in mind, let me know in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading 



  1. All the best with your resolutions. Though I haven't made any resolutions myself, I must make it a habit to sign into the #bbloggers chat. I always tend to miss it.

  2. I really enjoyed this post as I can relate a lot to what you want to achieve as I'd like to do a lot of the same with my own blog! I hope you achieve these blog related goals! :) xx

  3. Good luck with your goals, Editing photographs is something I really need to do on my blog this year.

  4. I think these are great resolutions, it sounds like you are really focussed on improving your blog this year and those ideas sound like they will definitely help with networking and building up your blog. Improving photos is one I am working on this year

    anna (intheplayroom)

  5. I made my blog button using, it takes a bit of getting used to buy after a little play about it works really well. You can get a code generator for your button here I don't utilise Facebook very much, I'm much more a Twitter kind of girl! Good luck with your list xx