Saturday, 3 December 2016

My christmas wishlist

As an adult who saves for and buys everything I want when I want it, it's hard to come up with suggestions when family ask "What do you want for Christmas?", but for a change I've been able to come up with a few ideas.

This book really excites me. I've got into writing a lot lately and have started a bullet journal (a post coming up on that soon) so the idea of a five year diary to document my thoughts/feelings/experiences each day is exciting.

This tower 8 in 1 gadget allows you to slow cook, fry, boil, steam, roast, grill, braise and saute. Cooking a meal for people used to be my idea of hell, but as I'm getting older I am enjoying it more and more and this multi cooker looks brilliant for all my cooking needs.

Like I said earlier, I have got back into writing lately. I am firing up my blog again, as well as trying a few little private projects. 642 things to write about looks like a brilliant way for me to gain inspiration and use my creative mind more.

Listography is the final book on my wish list. I write lists about everything. To do lists, shopping lists, inventory lists, goal lists etc.

This lipsy bag looks like the perfect everyday bag to carry around all my essentials. I love the classic, elegant look of it.

I love these ASOS Chelsea boots, theyre perfect to wear with every outfit. The colour looks like a mixture of burgundy/brown and I love how different they are.

Let me know what you're lusting after this Christmas, hopefully I can get some inspiration!

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