Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dry, sensitive skin problems

I have always had really dry, sensitive skin that is prone to dry patches and eczema. My skin always needs exfoliating and moisturising more than the average person to look ok. Recently, as the weather has been getting warmer, the skin on my face and neck has started to really dry up and become red and flaky.

I have been using the simple cleanser, toner and face wash for a while and overall it has really been improving the look of my skin so when I was shopping the other day with a friend, and saw that they do a cream for eczema and dermatitus, I had to get it and try it out.

Product claims
·                     Results in just 4 days
·                     Clinically proven
·                     Intensive relief
·                     Immediate soothing effects
·                     Long lasting care that will calm and help relieve sensitive skin

The result

OHMYGOD! The eczema rash on my neck has completely dissapeared and no longer itches. My face feels completely different and is so soft and smooth with no dry patches. As well as this, my lips aren't chapped anymore! I will definitely keep using this cream to keep my ezcema at bay and to keep my skin looking lovely. It's like magic!!

Have you ever used this product? What were your experiences?

Thanks for reading

Nikiniknak xx


  1. So going to try these products,im prone to dry red flaky patches that show up under my makeup so think simple might be the answer

  2. Yeah you should deffo try!! They mad my skin feel amazing and I'm definitely going to continue using them. Let me know what you think :) xx

  3. AHH!I used to love this product. I am occassionally prone to eczema on my hands. Normal creams make it sore and feel worse. However, this product I used about a year ago.. And loved it!! It is great for sensitive skin, works perfectly and doesn't feel greasy or sticky. I finally stopped being lazy and got prescription cream.. But find that is much too thick for daily use, and only use it if I really have to. Definitely reccommend Simple Derma!! :D
    <3 Laura x

    1. Yeah it's sooooo good isn't it. It makes my skin so soft clears up dry patches in no time. Thanks for reading hun xx