Saturday, 26 May 2012

A £1 Yankee candle dupe?

When shopping yesterday, I went into a little, cheap cosmetics store (similar to home bargains, B&M etc. but only in my town) and came across this candle.

This is a brand called Mainstays in the scent black cherry, and when I smelt it I KNEW I had to have it. What made it more exciting you ask? It cost me £1!! ONE POUND! I recently bought a HUGE Yankee candle, also in the scent black cherry, so I took it home to compare the two. 

The yankee candle has more of a sweet smell to it, which almost smells like cherry flavoured sweets, whereas the Mainstays candle has more of a subtle smell to it. Both smell just like black cherries, although the Mainstays in a more subtle, less in your face smell. 

I think that the Yankee candle is more appealing, as the actual candle is a brighter colour, with nicer packaging and in a nice jar. 

Overall, I am impressed with both these candles. I will definitely buy the Yankee candle again as a luxury, whereas I will buy the Mainstays candle as an everyday candle to light in each room and give a nice smell everyday. 

Have you tried either one of these? What were your impressions? 

Niki xx


  1. Ooh these yankee candles keep popping everywhere!
    £1 is definitely worth a go haha, I'd really like to try the Vanilla one :)

    Lucy x

    1. Yeah you can't go wrong for £1 :)
      I've seen these on Ebay, I couldn't find the cherry one though.
      I've not tried the vanilla one either :/ This is the only one I've had but I'll deffo get more :)

      Thanks for commenting hun xx