Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Glamour's best dressed 2012

Kristen Stewart, star of the Twilight films, has been voted glamour's best dressed woman of 2012. From bodycon dresses to jeans and a T-shirt, Glamour says she is a fashion icon every girl can relate to. Personally, I would not put her at the top of the list, however I can see that she dresses really well and has transformed from a 'geeky', awkward teenager to a fashionable adult.

Emma Watson, from the Harry Potter films, and the new face of Burberry, came in at number two, after losing her 2011 crown to Kristen Stewart. Ever since Emma had her pixie crop cut, she has propelled into fashion and I personally love the way she dresses. I think she looks really classy and elegant and has blossomed into a really fashionable, ladylike adult. 

At number three was Victoria Beckham, which isn't really a shock. Since marrying David, Victoria has been firmly in every fashion list, with her own fashion label and with an endless pot of money, it's no wonder. 

4. Kate Middleton
5. Florence Welch
6. Michelle Williams
7. Blake Lively
8. Cheryl Cole 
9. Olivia Palermo
10. Rihanna 

Worst dressed women
1. Katie Price
2. Lady Gaga
3. Taylor Momsen
4. Kim Kardashian
5. Nikki Reed
6. Nicki Minaj 
7. Kristen Stewart
8. Rihanna
9. Emma Watson 
10. Christina Aguilera 

I find it funny how most of these people also appear in the top 50 best dressed, showing that even celebrities have a bad fashion day, and also that everyone has different opinions on what is fashionable. 

Best dressed men
1. Robert Pattinson
2. Ed Westwick
3. Gary Barlow 
4. Johnny Depp
5. Ryan Gosling
6. Taylor Lautner
7. Tinie Tempah
8. David Beckham
9. Zak Efron
10. Will Smith 

So both the Twilight stars win the top spot in the best dressed lists, and Katie price wins the award for worst dressed (I'm not shocked). Do you agree with these lists? Who would you have put at the top? Who is your celebrity style icon?

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  1. I love Kristen's dress in that second photo of her! I wouldn't have picked her as number one either though.


    1. Yeah it's lovely isn't it!! I don't think I would have put her at number one, although I think most of the time she does dress nicely, and looking at google images I do like most of her fashion choices. Who would you have chosen? xx

  2. I definitely don't think Kristen should have won. She has a better stylist now a days but its not about the clothes you wear, its the way you wear them, the way you hold yourself and she is not just awkward but uncomfortable to look at.

    I think Emma Watson should have won, she always looks impeccable and her smile and just everything about her is wonderful! xx

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    1. Yeah I agree, she is very awkward and doesn't look comfortable. Did you see her on Graham Norton the other day, really awkward interview!!

      Emma Watson does dress amazingly, she always looks so well put together. She comes across as a really nice person aswell xx

  3. I'm actually obsessed with Kirsten Stewart.. I know everyone thinks she is awkward and gangly and all, but I like that she isn't typical Hollywood glamour :-) Anyway, I really like your blog! x

    1. I guess it's nice to see someone 'normal' and somebody to relate to.

      Aww thank you :D xx