Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lily Cole's new make up range

When reading this months Glamour magazine, I came across an article the model Lily Cole launching a new make up range with The body shop. 

In March, Lily Cole was named as the first ambassador that was going to help in the relaunch of The body shop and  it's products. She is there to "promote their new beauty movement, beauty with heart, which aims to promote their skin care and make-up products- all made using vegetarian and fair trade ingredients that are never tested on animals".She w as said to be the perfect person for the job as she is involved with the environmental justice foundation. The body shop opened in 1976 and was said to be the first ethical business. 

On May the third, Lily's new make-up range, and from looking both in Glamour magazine and the website, I can see that these products are really reasonably priced. I am not a huge fan of hers, but I feel strongly about the issues she fights for. 

Has anybody tried any of these products yet? Have you gone back to using the body shop since they had a revamp? 

Thanks for reading

Nikiniknak xx


  1. When i was younger, and Body Shop first came out I would save every penny to buy treats from there, strawberry shampoos and rich body creams. Now its all over stylised, over priced (apart from the offers, which are very good) and now with L'Oreals influence a little bit shameful. Really good post though, journalistic x

    1. Yeah I did too. It is definitely overpriced in there and I am one of these people who bargain hunt and save every penny.
      Thank you for that, I've never had a comment that said I sounded journalistic before, so thanks :) xx

  2. To be honest I haven't bought anything from the bodyshop for at least 2 years. I find them quite over priced when there are much better brands out there. For example Soap and Glory's bath/skin/body care are much better for a much cheaper price. Good post x :-)

    1. The only time I tend to buy from body shop are when I see they have an offer/sale on. I do love the smell of the shop though, so that's always a plus :D xx