Monday, 7 May 2012

Charity shop bargains :)

About a month ago I wrote some tips on how to shop in a charity shop so I took my own advice and bought a few bits myself. Everything in this mini haul came to a grand total of... FIFTEEN POUNDS!! 

This is a really sheer, sleeveless top with a pussy bow which hangs longer at the back than the front and I thought would look really nice over a vest top in the summer.
 I absolutely LOVE this dress. It was originally from New look and it only cost me four pounds. It has quite sheer, floaty sleeves which I think look so pretty for sunny days. It comes down to my knees so it's long enough to wear by itself and it gives you a really nice shape with the cinched in waist. I love the colours and the design and I love how flattering it is. I just love it! It's definitely my favourite purchase for a while and I can't wait to wear it.
This is just an  oversized, floaty vest top with buttons down the front which I got to wear over a pair of leggings.
This is just a little cardigan with short sleeves in a nice camel colour which is thin enough to wear on warmer days. I thought I would get this to cover up the top of my arms when I am wearing sleeveless tops in the summer and I thought the tan colour would go with a lot of different things. 
Again, I love this. This was only two pounds and it is a black and white polka dot blouse with a pussy bow at the front and buttons down the middle which are covered by a piece of material, so you cannot see they are there. This is a bit sheer and I probably would wear it with a black tank top underneath, which is the only thing that lets this shirt down for me.
This is a long chained necklace with about ten strands coming down at different lengths with various beads on so they all gather together at the bottom. I love this and I think that it could make just a simple t shirt look more dressy.

I'd love to know if any of you have found any bargains recently and what you think about my finds. I am so sorry about the quality of the pictures, I currently don't have a camera so I am having to make do with my blackberry camera and, well, this is the result :-/

Thanks for reading

Nikiniknak xx


  1. I absolutely love charity shops. I always feel so much more proud of a purchase when I've discovered it lurking among a rack of not so great clothes, for just £3 or £4 :D


    1. Yeah definitely!! Especially when you find something that still has the label and you see what you 'should've' paid. Love it!

  2. Great haul! :-) I wish I was more patient with charity shopping, cos everyone else seems to get some great finds! x

    1. Aww thanks chicken. Yeah I've found some really good stuff in charity shops since this too, most of which had labels on and were brand new.

      Thanks for reading hun xx