Sunday, 24 June 2012

Smells so nice, you could eat it

You may have noticed a pattern emerging on my blog recently, in that I picked up a few one pound bargains and have been blogging about them constantly. This is the last one in the series, and I have some new and exciting posts coming soon ;) This is once again from pound stretcher. I never normally go in there, but when I had a quick look in for cushions/ storage ideas/ candles etc. I came out with quite a few beauty products instead. This is the Inecto pure coconut nourishing hydration cream. I use this product all over my body and I love it. It smells like coconuts, not the fake coconut smell (do you know what I mean?), and the smell stays for ages. The formula is also really cool and soothing and makes the skin really soft and look bright and healthy. 

Niki xx


  1. Ooh it looks and sounds really nice! I love the smell of coconut. :)

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  2. Can't believe you picked up some great finds from a £1 store! I loooove the smell of coconut!