Friday, 13 July 2012

Boot sale bargains

Me and my Fiancé decided that we wanted a big shopping day, somewhere we had never visited before. After much discussion, we decided to visit Preston, not only because it is within travelling distance, but because we read that they had huge shopping centres, car boots and markets to satisfy my shopping addiction until my heart's content. Our first stop was the car boot, as me and Martin love to sift through junk to find the odd treasure, and we love anything and everything vintage and 'antique'. Martin ended up buying his own weight in books (I bought my fair share too, to feature in a later post), while I focused more on the girly treasures. 

Photo frame-25p

Sea shell trinket box-30p

Brown/burgandy bag with long strap- £2

Three Accessorize nail varnishes-£1 each

NYC top coat-£1

Nails inc. nail varnish-£1

17 magnetized nail polish-£1

Models own nail varnish-£1

Next oversized top with cap sleeves-50p

You can't even imagine how excited I was when I found the nail varnishes for £1 each. I love all the bargains I bought and I can't wait to go back and find more. 

What's the best bargain you've ever found? 

Niki xx

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  1. Wow, how did you find nails inc and models own for £1? I'm jealous! xx

    1. Haha I know!! I wish she had more of them!! xx

  2. So really nice finds hun. Ax

    1. Aww thank you, and thanks for following :D xx