Thursday, 12 July 2012

Treating myself to MAC

Remember the MAC to the beach collection of summer 2010? With their orange, summery packaging and pretty colours, I loved them all. Back then, I could only dream of owning a MAC product, so the collection passed me by without a second thought. Whilst browsing through this blog sale, I stumbled across one of the lipsticks from the collection which had never been used and still looked perfect, so I bought it for only five pounds!! 

The lipstick is in the shade 'Frost thrills' which is a orangey colour with a tinge of gold running through it. 

I am so sorry about the poor quality of the pictures (hence why I included a few different ones). When on the lips, the lipstick gives a gold shimmer to your lips, with an orange under colour, which I love as it's really unusual and unlike other colours I have seen. 

Whilst prowling Ebay for more bargains, I also caught sight of a MAC pencil in the shade ''Dervish', which I have absolutely loved using, and for half the price of what it is sold for at MAC counters, I am definitely impressed. 

Niki xx

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