Sunday, 8 September 2013

Clothing haul

Hi everyone. Part two of my haul is the clothes. Apart from the odd thing here and there, I haven't been on a proper shop since before Alexander was born so finally having some money in my purse and a good place to go shopping was great. You may notice a few of these things are creased. They have all been in the bags waiting to be photographed and put away. It's already been a week since I bought them! Enjoy!

Satin vest top- Primark six pounds

Speckled jumper- Primark five pounds

Elephant trousers-Primark five pounds

Jumper- Next eight pounds

Leggings- Primark three pounds

Cardigan- New look three pounds

Harem pants- Market six pounds

Jumper- Sainsburys (gift from sister) 

Top- Sainsburys six pounds

Structured vest top- Primark six pounds

Floaty shirt with vest underneath- Sainsburys nine pounds

Top- Charity shop (originally Dorothy Perkins still with tags on) four pounds

Clutch- Car boot two pounds

Satchel- Primark ten pounds

Maxi skirt- Ebay three pounds

Linen pants- Ebay five pounds

Vest top- Primark two pounds

Jumper- Store twenty one three pounds

Vest top- Primark two pounds

Spotty skater dress- Primark five pounds

Leggings- Primark five pounds

Blazer- Market ten pounds

I hope you enjoyed my haul. I have a jewellery haul coming in the next couple of days so stay tuned for that. Once again I apologise for the creases in the clothes. Thank you everyone for reading.


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