Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas socks tag

Hi guys. I was tagged by Alex who blogs at in the Christmas socks tag. She decided to do this tag as socks are a well known and well loved present at Christmas and it's a great way to have a little glimpse inside everyone's stockings (terrible joke). 

Although these are technically not socks, I wouldn't class them as slippers as they have a soft sole, and wear them as I would slipper socks when I get into my pyjamas. 

Who bought you your Christmas socks?
My partner Martin bought these for me and they were included in my stocking. I absolutely love them! They're so cosy! 

Did you buy anyone socks for Christmas? 
No actually I didn't. I usually include a few pairs in Martin's stocking but this year I got him lots of other bits instead. Anyway, he received plenty from family members! We have socks coming out of our ears! 

Are you guilty of wearing holey socks? 
Never! I always throw them away when they get a hole in. I HATE wearing socks where my toes stick out! There's nothing more uncomfortable.

Do you match them up or wear odd socks? 
I try to match them up but very often one sock from every pair goes missing (why does that always happen?) so I then try to match them up as best as possible (same colour, same size etc... I need a life!)

What are your favourite kind of socks? Fluffy, knee high, novelty, frilly? 
My favourite type are these. Although I hear you screaming at the laptop that these aren't socks, they are to me as I wear them as socks and choose them over my slipper socks as my feet get too hot in them. 

I tag you all to do this but be quick! There's only two more days until 2014!!

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  1. Love the post! Sorry I didn't get round to reading this sooner, I'm drowning in a sea of uni work at the moment :(
    Alex x