Tuesday, 3 December 2013

I love make up tag

Hiya everyone. Today I'll be doing the 'I love make up tag' that I found on Being an avid collector and experimenter of make up products I thought that this tag was a must for me so here goes...

1. When did you begin loving make up?
I wasn't a very girly girl when I was a child, and wasn't really into make up until my teenage years, whereas my sister would get little make up sets all the time. I'd say I was about 12/13 when I started to properly experiment with make up but didn't really 'love' make up until about 17/18 when I started to learn more about it.

2. How do you feel without make up? 
If I leave the house without make up I feel really self concious throughout the entire day. I have really red cheeks and black eye bags which I have to cover up with make up before leaving the house. 

3. What do you like about make up? 
I like that make up offers so many different looks and styles. I love that a person can express their own individuality with make up, as well as feeling more confident and secure in themselves. 

4. Three holy grail make up products? 
Currently I am using the Collection lasting perfection concealer everyday. I was a bit late on the bandwagon when this product first came out, but since trying it I love it. I will apply this everyday, even if I am wearing no other make up, as it makes me feel so much more confident.

Another make up favourite for me are Natural collection lipsticks. Although I was meant to chose a particular one, I just couldn't, as I think the whole range is great. They only cost £1.99 and are so pigmented and last all day. A definite winner for me.

Finally, my third holy grail make up product is the NYC kohl brow pencil. I have been filling in my eyebrows with this pencil for many months and find that the colour is a perfect match to my eyebrows. As well as this, the pencil is so easy to apply and looks completely natural.

I tag all my fellow make up obsessed beauty bloggers. I can't wait to read your answers so please leave a link in the comments.

Thank you for reading

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