Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Nine month update

Alexander was nine months on the first on January. He can now stand up and say mumma and dadda. He is trying to climb up everything like a little monkey and has developed such a cheeky little personality. His normal sleeping times are 9pm until 9am and he never wakes up through the night. Alexander is also crawling a lot better, rather than dragging himself, and is really fast at it. He loves to play games such as being chased from one side of the room to the other and peekaboo. He has had his first visit to Santa in the last month, and we have shared our first Christmas with him. He is just starting to fit into his 9-12 month clothes and he is eating a lot more variety of food. Every day he has more of a personality and learns more about the world and I love every second I spend with him.


  1. What a cutie he is.
    The glasses pic made me chuckle

  2. oh how cute! this is such a lovely age :) brings back memories - my youngest is two now!

    anna (intheplayroom)

  3. awww, he's lovely! The dragon pictures are fab and so is the speccy one!

  4. I love them at this age where everything is magical for them, lovely pictures.