Monday, 13 January 2014

Poundshop perfume

I have been on a mission for quite a while now to find a lovely, unheard of perfume that doesn't cost the earth. It occurred to me that there could be an undiscovered perfume lying around in a cheap shop, that is only there because it's from another country (hence why it's not heard of) or the brand cannot afford advertising. With that said, today I picked up Precious Amelia from a pound shop. 

When I first sprayed this perfume, it was quite overpowering. However, after ten minutes the scent had settled and developed into a really fruity, sweet smell. Two hours later and the smell was completely gone, as though I had never been wearing a perfume. The longevity of this product therefore isn't as good as a more expensive, upmarket perfume. Saying that, I'd rather take this out in my handbag for a quick spruce up than risking a £60 bottle! For the price I'd say that this is a really nice perfume and overall I would give it 5/10. I haven't yet found my poundshop wonder, but I'll still keep looking and report back.

Niki xx 


  1. I think it's always worth checking out the poundshop for things like this, it's no loss if it turns out to be terrible, but you might just find a gem!

    I hope you find what you're looking for, I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when you do! :)


  2. It is definitely worth checking the bargain shops for special little finds. Just the other day I picked up some OPI nail wraps for £2!

  3. Nice recommendation sometimes you can find amazing stuff in pound shops