Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tips for charity shopping/thrifting

Hi guys, just wanted to do a quick blog about charity shopping (or as Americans call it: thrifting). I think that charity shopping can be a really good thing to do if you are looking for something unique, don't have much money but need a new outfit as well as being fun. I love how you can go in and not know what you will come back out with, as well as the feeling of 'finding' a good piece. 

Number one
Always go early on in the week when you have some spare time. I recommend either a Tuesday or a Wednesday. I think that most people tend to donate to the charity shop in their spare time aka weekend, then the store can sort through them things on a Monday so yeah, go Tuesday :)

Number two
Go often! Unlike a chain of shops (topshop, new look, river island etc.) they can have a whole new variety of stock from one day to the next with people always donating new things so it's good to always nip in when you have time to see what new stock they have.

Number three
Don't go into a charity shop thinking "Yay I'm going to find a whole new look/new wardrobe for not much money and it will be great" because some times you will come home empty handed. Be prepared for that. But when you do find something it's great!!

Number four
Have a lot of time so that you can have a look through everything. Look through bigger sizes, the mens section, everywhere. Things may have got mixed up or you may find something you can customise/alter at home to turn it into your style.

Number five
Think about what you actually need. It can be tempting to go crazy and buy everything because of how cheap the items up but remember it all adds up!

Number six
Keep an open mind. What may not be so great on the hanger could look good when you get home and chop a bit off/sew a bit on/add sequins and glitter and make it amazing. So if you like the material of something or the cut then take it home and have a go at making it unique. You'll feel a lot more proud and special wearing it if you do.

So there you have it, Niki's six tips on charity shopping. Let me about any bargains you get and what your favourite charity shop is.

Nikiniknak xx

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