Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Bargain eyeshadow

Whilst shopping for Christmas presents, I stumbled across these eyeshadows in Home Bargains. At only 99p for a packet of three, I couldn't resist buying a few to try out. 

The first packet contained a black, silver and white, all of which have a shimmer to them. When swatching the colours, I found that the black was really pigmented and hardly any product was needed to be used to achieve a result. I imagine this would be nice to use next to the lash line. The silver and white however needed a lot of product to build up the colour.

The second contained a gold/brown, natural brown and a white. The two browns again were really pigmented and I found them to be really beautiful colours which I think would suit my eye colour perfectly. I imagine that the white would be a nice colour to use as a highlight under the eyebrows and on the cheekbones. 

Each eyeshadow cost only 33p and four of them achieved a lovely look. I am definitely going to add these products to my collection, and will come back to show you a make up look very soon.



  1. Wow what a bargain. The browns pack look gorgeous

  2. Where did you find these sweets? You seem to be an ace bargain spotter - these are gorgeous!
    Love Vicky